America’s Got Hope – Real People Real Stories

21-Cities, 3-People, 1-Camera, an SUV &

A Goal to find the meaning of “The American Dream”

My purpose for starting this blog was to add an outlet for those interested in the documentary or those who just wanted to share their stories.

There are so many experts reporting on their versions of what the American family is experiencing during this recession.  But what about the real people with the real stories experiencing the real issues? Those who are staring down the unfamiliar road of unemployment. Those facing the lost of their healthcare, a diminished value in their 401k’s and the ultimate fear of stepping out of one life-style bracket into another. On the other hand, what will we learn from those who’s lives had little, if any affect during the rollercoaster ride into recession. You know, the ones who are not “well-off” or “wealthy” nor are they considered successful so to speak, according to many of American standards. They live pretty simple lives but usually consider themselves comfortable and happy according to their standards.

We decided to provide a platform for the real opinions from real experiences.  So the decision was set in place, journey into the big cities and small towns across America to film real people with real stories. From those with current or former lavish lifestyles to those with simple to modest lifestyles. These live and uncut interviews will reveal past, recent and revised views of “The American Dream.”

So……. What is this documentary all about?
An inspiring documentary chronicling a journey across the U.S.  In doing so I hope to reveal how Americans feel about the “American Dream” and, if it means the same today as it did 10-years ago  considering the many changes that have taken place in our country. The interviews will focus on the past decade (2002 – 2012), and how if any it has affected those sharing.

During my many travels I have listened to countless debates, numerous opinions and hundreds of stories that reflect similar views of uncertainty in America. But one story in particular sparked my desire to make a difference. The story was told by a woman from California who was battling cancer. At the same time she was losing her mother to cancer who eventually lost her battle. To make matters worse, she is fighting her long-time employer of 10-years, who is well aware of her cancer, but wants to boot her out ASAP. I spent quite a while listening, her voice was teary-eyed, her spirit was drained and it was quite apparent that her middle-class lifestyle was heading downhill real fast and quite furious. Most of her difficulties lied in the realization that she may soon be unemployed and homeless all during her fight to battle cancer.

There’s a time for everything. Now is the time to be heard.

Many Americans have a story to tell.  Would you like to share yours? Post your stories or you can send them directly to me at Please visit us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Support us at


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